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Alicante wakes up, in all aspects
For the cultural basis

20th, 21th, 22th of May 2016
Place: Tossal of Alicante

A self-managed and free accessible space and infrastructure where every person or organization can participate and promote themselves.

Alacant Desperta is a collective project born out of the enthusiasm for a cultural basis to imagine new inclusive sociocultural concepts that open doors to different experiences of creativity, free expression and artistic experiments, created for and due to the community. Based on a global vision, we search for the involvement of collectives and individuals from Alicante, concerning the recovery of the cultural life of the city, contributing by forming open spaces and auto-generated cultural initiatives. Spaces in which we all feel invited to imagine, communicate, express, get to know, explore, share, motivate and enjoy ourselves while feeling connected.

We love exchanges and mixtures, and everything that is participative, shared, commune and varied. We believe that society benefits from the existence of this festival and we want to contribute in a way that Alicante benefits from itself and all the potential that originates from the spaces that compose it and people that inhabit and think the city.

This festival that includes artistic, social and environmental projects, is based on a critical, cutting-edge, alternative spirit with a high amount of idealism.

We are convinced that the people of Alicante will enjoy it. We know that because it was the same in previous editions and because we consider that today it is more important than ever before, providing opportunities to create and dream.

These previous editions took place in 2003 and 2005, where more than 30 groups of pop-rock and 20 groups of hip-hop participated offering workshops of theatre, poetry, carnival, graffiti, dances, performances.

We strongly believe…

…. that the Festival AD 2016 will enlarge the heart of the city and broaden its horizons, as it is based on significant values such as companionship, solidarity, happiness and hope which are those we aim to transmit to the citizens of Alacant Desperta 2016…

… In all aspects…

We all make up Alacant Desperta!

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